Senior research scientist (DR1) at Inria

Part-time professor at Ecole Polytechnique

Welcome to my professional web page at Inria, where I lead the Lifeware project team (follow-up of the Contraintes project-team) in the Saclay research center (in Paris-Rocquencourt up to 2015).

I'm a senior research scientist (DR1) interested in logic and computation, and in the design of high-level modelling/programming languages.

Most of my current research is now in computational systems biology and synthetic biology, where I see

cells as machines,

chemical reaction systems as programs,

and develop analysis and design tools for complex biochemical systems, rooted in theoretical computer science.

Since 2002, I coordinate the development of the biochemical abstract machine (BIOCHAM) modelling and analysis software. We use this software to tackle challenging biological questions in cell signalling, cell cycle control and circadian clock, and synthetic biochemical circuits design.

Because of the importance of optimization and constraint-based methods in this work, I also keep a research activity in constraint logic programming for solving combinatorial and continuous optimization problems.