Non exhaustive list of research subjects for Ph.D. theses, Post docs, or internships at different levels. If you are a motivated talented student with your own subject on topics relate to LIFEWARE, or for any question on the subjects below, please contact by email François Fages.

Research Internships for Masters and Engineering Schools (with possible continuation for a Ph.D. Thesis)

Interval Arithmetic for Ordinary Differential Equation Systems (6-3 months)

Estimation analytique des probabilités de phénotypes alternatifs en biologie (6-3 months)

Conditions de stabilité qualitative des acteurs clés de processus biologiques (6-3 months)

Visualisation of biochemical reaction networks using static analyzers (6-3 months)

Ph.D. theses and PostDoc positions in LIFEWARE

No offer currently

but don't hesitate to contact us if you have a research subject to propose to us in connection with our project.