Course handouts INF555 - Constraint-based Modeling and Algorithms for Decision Making Problems (36h)

Modélisation et Algorithmes à base de Contraintes pour les Problèmes d'Aide à la Décision

François Fages, Mathieu Hemery, Inria Saclay Ile de France

Ecole Polytechnique

Master Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Visual Computing

Master of Science and Technology

The purpose of this course is to present constraint-based methods used in automated reasoning and search problems. Each lecture of approximatively 2h will be followed by 2h of practical work for illustrating the taught concepts and manipulating the associated tools on decision making applications. The constraint modeling language MiniZinc with different back end constraint solvers (SAT, FD, LP) will be used as a unifying framework and as basis for showing the practical complexity of different solvers on some NP hard problems.

Schedule 2022-2023 (see Moodle 2022-2023)