International journals

  • Nicolas Beldiceanu Mats Carlson Pierre Flener Justin Pearson – On the reification of global constraints – Journal Constraints 2013

International conferences

  • Thierry Martinez, François Fages, Abder Aggoun. A Stochastic Continuous Optimization Backend for MiniZinc with Applications to Geometrical Placement Problems. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research Techniques in Constraint Programming, CPAIOR'16, 2016. [ preprint ]

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  • Thierry Martinez, Lumadaiara Vitorino, François Fages, Abderrahmane Aggoun. On Solving Mixed Shapes Packing Problems by Continuous Optimization with the CMA Evolution Strategy. In Proceedings of the first Computational Intelligence BRICS Congress BRICS-CCI'13, pages 515–521. IEEE Press, 2013. [ preprint ]

  • Nicolas Beldiceanu, Helmut Simonis: A Model Seeker: Extracting Global Constraint Models from Positive Examples. CP 2012: 141-157

International workshops

  • Thierry Martinez, François Fages. On Translating MiniZinc Constraint Models into Fitness Function for Evolutionary Algorithms: Application to Continuous Placement Problems. In Proceedings of the sixth Workshop on Bin Packing and Placement Constraints BPPC'15, associated to CP'15, 2015.

  • A. Aggoun, F. Fages, N. Beldiceanu, G. Chabert. Packing with complex shapes in Supply Chain Networked Warehouse Management Systems. The 5th International Conference on Metaheuristics and Nature Inspired Computing, META’2014, Marrakech (Morocco). October 27th-31th 2014. pdf

  • Jean-Guillaume Fages Gilles Chabert Charles Prudhomme Combining finite and continuous solvers towards a simpler solver maintenance - Workshop TRICS associated to CP’13 -

National conferences

  • Ignacio Salas Gilles Chabert Alexandre Goldsztejn - The non-overlapping constraint - JFPC 2014


  • SITL 2013 – Salon International des Transports et de la Logisitique, Paris, mars 2013.

Internal reports

  • Nicolas Blediceanu, Helmut Simonis.. A Model Seeker: Description and Detailed Results.Internal report, 4500 pages. 2013.

Workshop organization