The Biochemical Abstract Machine BIOCHAM 4

version 4.6.25 August 2023

Inria EPI Lifeware, Centre Inria Saclay Ile de France
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The Biochemical Abstract Machine (Biocham) is a modelling environment for systems biology and synthetic biology, based on the computational theory of Chemical Reaction Networks (CRN).

Biocham is mainly composed of :

Biocham is a free software protected by the GNU General Public License GPL version 2. This is an Open Source license that allows free usage of this software. Biocham is implemented in SWI-Prolog (43000 LOC) and interfaced with several third-party software.

Biocham 4 was first released in September 2017. Biocham 4 is a complete rewriting of Biocham 3 for easier maintenance. It integrates new features, in particular concerning

For the sake of reproducible research, Biocham 3 is still active on but no longer maintained. Biocham 0 was first released in 2002.

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Unique features

Biocham implements some unique features for:

Online access to notebook - Docker image download - Installation from source files

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