"If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together"

Research scientists

  • Grégory Batt (Inria, Research Scientist CR1, Pasteur Institute, Team co-Head)
  • François Fages (Inria, Research Director DR1, Team Head)
  • Jakob Ruess (Inria, Research Scientist CR2, Pasteur Institute)
  • Sylvain Soliman (Inria, Research Scientist CR1)


Administrative assistant

  • Corinne Petitot (Inria)

Post-Doc and Engineers

  • Steven Fletcher (Inria, ADT, Pasteur Institute)
  • Chiara Fracassi (Inria, with MSC lab)
  • Jean-Baptiste Lugagne (MSC lab, CNRS/Paris7)

PhD students

  • Virgile Andreani (ED STIC, ENS)
  • Laura Guyot (Cifre Dassault-Systèmes)

Former members (without interns) with their current affiliation